Operating in Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff. Serving Arizona exclusively for over 15 years designing and executing your outdoor advertising call to action plan.

  • Advertise on up to 3 Mobile Billboard Trucks

  • 3-D Mobile Showrooms and Personalized Dedicated Trucks

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly Packages Available

  • Design Custom Plans and Routes

  • Hi Profile Parking Directional Advertising at Your Location

  • (CPM) Your cost per thousand views is around $1.25

  • Each Truck Operates 40 Hours Per Week

  • Attends over 30 Sporting Events, Concerts and Major Events Each Month

  • Each Truck generates over 50,000 Impressions Per Day

  • Gorilla marketing tactics that target competitors points of interest and hi profile parking

Moving Active Adz Mobile Billboards cost per thousand views is lower than any other type of advertising including digital billboards and mobile billboard competitors. There’s no hidden costs or contracts, we let our company do the talking. 
— Mike Reinman



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