Aerial Drone Photography

Innovation and progress is something Moving Active Mobile Billboards relentlessly pursues. For over two years we have experimented with hi altitude drone pictures and videos and what we’ve found is breathtaking never before seen footage and angles of our mobile billboard vehicles in action. The sheer impact and visual perception is effective from outlying distances creating lasting impressions. The solid black truck provides the perfect picture frame for illuminated graphics, giving it the visualization and impression of a giant TV screen. This service is provided free of charge to Moving Active Adz Partners when applicable.


Drone photography takes your company places you only imagined.  Customizing each shoot to fulfill your aerial photography & video desires. Certain N0-Fly zones apply. Call for details.

  • Moving Active Adz Mobile Billboards can be used for a small production fee.

  • We come fully equipped with a DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone that delivers 12 megapixel images and video, Sony hi definition video camera and Nikon wide angle and telephoto imagery.

  • Phantom 4 Pro Drone can stream live videos to your Facebook friends, You Tube and other streaming platforms.   

Aerial Drone Videos