Justin Timberlake & D-Backs Double Header

At MAA Advertising we have a game plane for just about everything we do, right down to the smallest detail that will position the truck perfectly for maximum exposure. At first glance this simply looks like two mobile billboard trucks at TSRA. Well think again, this is what it takes to make this shot happen! • Call Clyde 1 week prior to reserve my spot and pay the undisclosed amount. • Position the Billboard: Unfortunately the curb directly affected my positioning, the passing lite rail commuters and traffic did not have a clear view of the truck. Once approved by Phoenix PD the 24 inch adjustment and 8 degree pitch was made that allowed for perfect pictures and impressions, which was around seventy thousand. • Constant communication with both drivers. • Start shooting with a window of about 30 minutes for perfect lighting, while posting pictures, video and engaging the crowd through all 3 social media platforms. @MovingActiveAdz.com#MobileBillboardAdvertising #OutdoorAdvertising #Reach #SportingEvents