The Value of Mobile Advertising to Build Your Brand

Brand exposure is vital to growing your business. It's why so many businesses invest money into billboard advertising. Billboards in high-traffic areas can be effective in increasing brand awareness as well as generating interest. However, there is another option that could potentially achieve the same goals but with greater success -- mobile billboard advertising. The following are some of the benefits that you could take advantage of with the use of mobile billboard advertising:

  • A mobile billboard will provide extensive exposure - The digital billboards displayed on both sides of a mobile billboard truck may not be as large as roadside billboards, but they are still quite visually prominent -- especially since they can be viewed in the middle of the road. Because they are always on the move, they provide brand exposure to drivers as well as pedestrians. 
  • Mobile billboards are more effective than stationary billboards - Stationary billboards can only be briefly viewed by those who pass by. Mobile billboards can keep up with traffic, thereby increasing the exposure time for those who are near it. Additionally, there may be times of the day where a stationary billboard may not receive as much exposure due to less traffic. A mobile billboard can continuously move to more densely populated areas, thereby never wasting a moment.
  • A mobile billboard can still be used as stationary advertising - Although being mobile has obvious advantages, stationary billboards aren't without their benefits. Fortunately, a mobile billboard can be turned stationary by simply being parked. It can be extremely effective when parked outside of certain events, such as tradeshows, sporting events, concerts and more.
  • The use of digital advertising provides more flexibility - You're not limited to just a single frame of information. Our digital billboards allow for several panels of information that can scroll across the screen. It also allows for a more visually engaging ad since motion graphics can be employed. Last, but not least, the use of digital advertising makes it much easier to make changes to your ad in order to make it more effective or visually appealing.
  • Analytics can be used to improve effectiveness - Analytics can be used to adjust your advertising as well as to adjust your route. We use AZDOT as well as our own Moving Active Adz systems to utilize data, such as trailing vehicle numbers and real-time impressions (gathered through video recording), to your benefit. You can leverage this data to change your route to better reach your target audience and improve your impressions. Even if such data were available for static billboards, there wouldn't be much that you could do with it, other than to spend money putting up another billboard ad somewhere else.
Michael Reinman