Hyper-Local SEO

Hyper Local takes a local SEO campaign, puts a budget behind the listing and displays it is more often to increase impressions, clicks, and ultimately store traffic. So in a simpler way of putting it, IT’S LOCAL SEO ON STEROIDS!


What Can I Expect?

  • Advertise product or service (Max of 2 Categories)

  • e.x Pool Service, Pool Cleaning Company

  • One Text Ad & Headline

  • Directing traffic to GMB page

  • Call Tracking

  • Using Google’s Forwarding number

  • Geographic Targeting

  • 15 mile radius from Business location

  • Launch

  • Campaign will go live 48 business hours from Booking

  • Reporting

To be included with the Monthly local report

As an extension of Local SEO, the majority of ads will be found within maps. A small portion (less than 10%) will be found within Google search results. Additionally, 90% of impressions/clicks will come from mobile devices. A small portion (less than 10%) may come from desktops and tablets

Native Advertising - Trustworthy
Digital Marketing

Native advertising is a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed. Native content is viewed as Editorial, which is the utmost trustworthy. Sponsored Content will sit in the 4th position down with a highlighted background and will link directly to your website, hosted video or a designated landing page on

News, Food, Music, Film, Arts


  • Advertiser Name

  • Brand Logo (JPG, GIF or PNG, 48x48 px minimum, must be square)

  • Headline Text (140 characters max)

  • Description Text (180 characters max)

  • Linking UR

  • Deadline

  • Custom Landing Page

  • 500 words of client provided content

  • Social Media Links

  • 728x90 banner

  • 300x250 banner

  • Client logo

  • Linking URL


  • Site Administration (theme, plugin, security updates)

  • Page Content Updates to Images and Text (menus, specials, products, etc...)

  • Create Additional Static Content Pages Using Current Theme

  • Add Forms to New or Existing Pages

  • Add or Update Social Links and Feeds

  • • eCommerce Product and Pricing Updates

  • Annual Hosting on Secure Server with Redundancies in Place

IP Targeting direct mail for the internet

IP Targeting is the process of focusing digital advertising to households based on their Internet Protocol (IP) address.
There are 3 ways to utilize IP Targeting: Current Customer List, Look-A-Like via website data and Audience Profiling.
Reach over 250 million+ individuals and over 18 million+ businesses in the US and Canada!

Customer activation: exact list to IP match

  • Provide us with your client database (i.e. name, physical address and phone number) and we use patented technology to match that list to the individual household (or business) IP addresses.

  • We average a 50% match from database

  • Database Minimum: 5,000

  • ‘Matchback’ Sales Attribution - We can directly match the people you sold products to with the people who saw your ad.

  • Look-a-like Audience via pixel

  • We will place a pixel on your website that generates a profile of who your site visitors are and we will build a look-a-like audience based on that data.

  • Building the audience takes 30-60 days after a pixel is placed.

  • Minimum 30,000 unique in 30 day period.

Audience profile:

  • Provide us with your ideal client profile and customer psycho-demographics and we will build a custom target audience

  • You can target your advertising to specific homes and GEO zones based on your target audience

  • This strategy targets individual IP addresses who possess those desirable characteristics.

Web-Site Development Hosting & Maintenance Your Digital Representation


  • Design & Develop a Personalized Web Site Based upon Industry Standard Best Practice (Wordpress CMS)

  • Meet Quality Guidelines Set by Various Search Engines: WC3 Compliant, Site Navigation, UX, Preferred Branding, Site Speed, Responsive Design.

  • Integrate Shopping Cart, eCommerce Application Management & SSL Certificate

  • Basic Client Training on Site Updates


  •  Hosting Website in a Cloud Based Environment

  •  Setup Periodic Back-Up Schedule

  • Maintain Alerts and Notifications of Any Security, Theme/Plug-In Updates or System/Site Issues

  • Offer Security: Shared or Dedicated Servers that Have Minimal Downtime & Server Redundancy & Layered Security Protocols in Place

  •  Ensure Enough Bandwidth and Storage Space is Allocated to Sustain Website Traffic & Capacity


Ask your Account Executive for a FREE consultation and Custom Recommendation

      Micro-Proximity Targeting GEO Fencing Watch Video


With the evolution of mobile technology, the ability to reach customers at the right place and with the right message has changed the face of marketing. MicroProximity targeting uses technology that can pinpoint a consumer’s indoor location to within a few feet, and that creates a world of opportunity for consumer engagement. MicroProximity targeting allows you to send real-time, relevant ads to consumers with micro-location-based marketing

Targeting Strategies

Reach consumers while they’re at specific locations, stores, offices, etc...

Reach consumers while they’re visiting your competitors locations.


Bring potential customers in or ask them to come back when they're nearby.

Reach consumers based on category of store they're in, like coffee shops, banks, bars, restaurants, retail stores, etc...

High Quality Data

We utilize High Quality Data that is always fresh and updated in real time, for precise targeting, allowing you to reach the right people at the right time. Precise real-time location data requires a minimum of 4 decimal places

 4 Decimal Places ~10 meters: Outside a small venue or coffee shop

  • Our technology uses 5 decimal place precision allowing us to accurately target small venues with precision.

  •  5 Decimal Places = ~1 meter: Accurately located inside a small venue or coffee shop

  • “GeoFencing” technology truncates the coordinates down to 2-3 decimals

  •  3 Decimal Places = ~100 meters: Football field away from the target venue

  •  2 Decimal Places = ~1,000 meters: Over 1KM away from your target venue